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Rhona Sacks, JD, MBA, CLU
Founder & President, Legal Life Settlements

An attorney and business coach (with an MBA in entrepreneurship), Ms. Sacks has helped entrepreneurs successfully navigate each phase of the business cycle—from start-up to growth to exit—for over 20 years.


In addition to her legal and business proficiency, as a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), which is the world's most respected designation of insurance expertise, Ms. Sacks is a skilled life insurance specialist. Designing exit planning and asset optimization strategies led Ms. Sacks to discover the superior value of selling no longer needed business life policies in the secondary life insurance market rather than lapsing or cash surrendering them.

To best serve exiting entrepreneurs, Ms. Sacks exhaustively investigated life settlement transactions to understand their inner workings. After expending considerable resources and time, Ms. Sacks found a life settlement to be a potentially profitable life insurance disposition option by converting an illiquid business capital asset into significant immediate cash. This unexpected financial windfall can be used for any purpose, including facilitating the sale of a company for the desired price and on favorable terms.

However, she also found the nascent life settlement industry, in general, to be lacking ample due diligence and transparency as well as knowledge of and services responsive to the distinctive needs of retiring entrepreneurs in the process of selling their companies. Ms. Sacks realized that the only way to effectively protect and serve retiring business owners throughout the labyrinthine life settlement process was to create a unique M&A advisory firm exclusively dedicated to their particular needs. Combining expertise in exit planning, business life insurance and life settlements with passion for enlightening exiting entrepreneurs about this little-known innovative asset optimization technique, Legal Life Settlements was born.

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About Our Company

Legal Life Settlements is neither a provider (which purchases qualified life policies on behalf of institutional investors) nor a broker (which fields qualified life policies to multiple providers). Furthermore, we have no exclusive and/or primary relationships with any providers or brokers. As a specialty mergers and acquisitions advisory company, we act as a fiduciary to help you easily navigate the complex life settlement landscape to ensure the best offer from the best company—a high-quality provider that offers true fair market value as well as safeguards privacy—for your unnecessary business life policies. See Due Diligence.

We take our fiduciary duty (which is the highest legal responsibility to act in good faith) very seriously. To fulfill this duty, there are never any hidden conflicts of interest in our compensation. We do not accept any fees from any source to recommend the sale of your life policies for less than the highest quality offer. And, we expect nothing less of the brokers with whom we work. Therefore, we always demand full disclosure as to broker compensation to ensure that there are no provider side deals involving suppressing bids in exchange for payments of any kind, including, holdbacks, bonuses, overrides, incentives and/or other fees over and above commissions. Moreover, our affiliate brokers must employ an open architecture bidding platform wherein all provider offers and counteroffers are documented, thereby ensuring a transparent purchasing process.

To safeguard your privacy and the integrity of the life settlement process, Legal Life Settlements expends significant resources and time to conduct continuing due diligence when selecting high-quality brokers and providers with whom to work. This exploratory process assures that your confidential information is available only to qualified, reputable brokers and providers who are committed to protecting your privacy.

Be assured that Legal Life Settlements never associates with brokers or providers who would use private money (from individuals rather than institutional investors) to purchase your life policy. This ensures that your policy becomes a part of a large portfolio of policies owned by a credible financial company, rather than a single policy owned by an unscrupulous individual. Only institutional capital offers maximum protection from privacy and fraud risks, and it’s the only kind of funding with which we work.

To secure trustworthy and superior brokers and providers, Legal Life Settlements exploits every viable life settlement industry resource on your behalf, thereby leveraging all of the exclusive relationships and intellectual assets that a particular broker or provider may have. Having uncompromised access to an ever-changing marketplace of brokers and providers uniquely offers you exceptional flexibility to sell policies of every type and face amount across a full range of life expectancies, which facilitates an efficient process for obtaining a maximum payout from a high-quality provider.

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